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System setup

Connecting your Z-Wave gateway

Gateway such as VeraLite or Zipabox is compact and aesthetically good. The controller could control more than 200 devices in a single network. It is more than sufficient for any house or small office need.

The controller is compact and you could hide it in your electrical closet if you wish.






Connecting your Z-Wave modules

There are micro modules, which could be installed in the wall behind your beautiful and interior design matching switch. Your existing switch is use to switch the z wave module and the light is connected to the Z-Wave modules.

In most cases, no rewiring is needed. The wall switch function just as it is. You turn on/off /dim the light locally. (Electrical installation need to be done by a qualify electrician).

Wirelessly control: After the installation, this switch could also be controlled by the z-wave remote controllers or your smart phone anywhere in your house.

Globally control: Where-ever your smart phone or tablet could access the internet, you can control your Z-wave devices at home.

There are a variety of Z-Wave remote controllers from various markers to choose from. Most Z-Wave devices are compatible to each other regardless of manufacturer.

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