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(1) Z –Wave gateway is the brain of your home control system. It transmits Z-Wave control signal to other Z-Wave modules. For example, it commands the module to On/Off/dim a light. Connect the Z-Wave gateway to your existing WiFi Modem by a cable. It enables you to control your appliances anywhere if internet access is available.

(2) A micro-module (Z-Wave device) is inserted behind your wall switch. It receives the command from the gateway to turn On/Off/Dim the light/appliance.

(3) Z-Wave remote controller can also be used to control any switch or appliance which is attached to the z-wave network.

(4) You can use smart phone to control any switch or appliances which is attached to the z-wave network.

(5) To control your Z-Wave enable appliances, use your smart phone connects to your gateway through broadband network.

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