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Hundred Palms awarded to L3 Homeation

Hundred Palms awarded to L3 Homeation

It has been a very successful 2016 for L3 Homeation, the sole distributor of FIBARO Intelligent system.  We had awarded 5 major estate projects and completed few hundreds of individual home projects.

2017 continue to be a strong year for L3 Homeation.  To date, three major estate projects had been awarded and Hundred Palms Residence is one of it.  Hundred Palms has started its launch in June 2017 and TOP is expected to be in early 2020.

Hundred Palms is situated in Hougang, Singapore (District 19), along Yio Chu Kang road.   It sits on almost 200,000 sq ft of lush carefully curated piece of land.  9 blocks of residential units are constructed strategically to ensure every unit will come with a great view.

FIBARO, a well know smart home system in Singapore has been installed in more than 5 major estates by L3 Homeation.  There are more in the pipeline to be announced when the project sales launch.

The Smart Home system is gaining popularity in Singapore. Home automation concept is well accepted by the young generation in Singapore.  Developers are scrutiny all available home automation systems available and majority of them decided on FIBARO system.  With their very stringent selection and testing criterions, FIBARO comes up as a winner again and again. Therefore, you can trust the reliability and the performance of the FIBARO system and L3 Homeation.

Keep checking our project page to get further updates of other upcoming projects to be launch soon.

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