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Introducing Qubino

Qubino Z-Wave dimmer module

L3 Homeation introduces a series of Qubino home automation products to expand our range of home automation devices.

Qubino is a European technology company (www.Qubino.com). The dimmer and switch modules that it produces are currently the smallest in-wall Z Wave modules that can be obtained in the market.

Qubino dimmer is using MOSFET as its switching device instead of Triac that’s most other markers used. MOSFET dimmer is a trailing edge dimmer. As compare to leading edge dimmer (such as Triac), it may result in better noise performance (buzzing sound of the lamp). Technically speaking, it could also have a better EMC performance.

Due to its trailing edge characteristic, it could achieve stable lighting for most dimmable LED. We experimented it with a large range of LED bulbs, some would have light flicking issue when use with others type of dimmer but were extremely stable with Qubino MOSFET dimmer module.

From our test, Qubino dimmer also work well with low wattage LED. We could control LED bulb as low as 5W without the use of bypass device.

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