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IoT smart home system

IoT smart home system

IoT Asia exhibition and conference has been successfully completed 30-31 March in Singapore. The Internet of Things is opening up a world of opportunities for everyone from connected cars to connected healthcare to smart cities and even home automation. Home automation is also featured in the exhibition.
In Singapore, IDA is working with industry and public sector partners to develop a Smart Nation Platform (SNP), which comprises a connectivity layer and a sensing and IoT layer. “We believe that with sensors and IoT, the environment will become more and more intelligent and interactive,” said Prof Toh. “With smart sensing and smart meters, we will be able to generate useful data, drive analytics and develop applications in smart health, smart transport and smart living.”
Fibaro a leading Z-Wave home automation company has appointed L3 Homeation to be its official distributor in Singapore to support this region activities. L3 Homeation is the leading system integrator, consultant and installer in Singapore. Many resellers in the region has been benefited from partnering with them. Close to a thousand of homes in Singapore have been implemented the Z-Wave smart home system.
The recent up market Cairnhill Nine has chosen to implement Fibaro Smart Home system by L3 Homeation. All units come with Fibaro smart home controller and the Z-Wave controlled digital lock as part of its feature.
If you plan to start your smart home project or a business in home automation (individual or developer are welcome), contact L3 Homeation for further advice.

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