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L3 Homeation Singapore decided to promote Z-Wave system as the smart home platform in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It is because Z-Wave is a major format in the home automation world (Home automation Malaysia and Indonesia customers are welcome to contact us for delivery arrangement).

The market of Home Automation in Malaysia and Indonesia is very similar to Singapore. The smart home system there is usually pricey and support is limited. Therefore, L3 Homeation Singapore selected a home automation system which is very competitive in price. It is also a smart home system, which is easy to install and maintain.

Z Wave Alliance

Z-Wave-allianceOne of the advantages of Z-Wave smart home system is that users can freely choose products from more than 250 makers. They do not have to worry about future support as compare to those system which is supplied by a single company. We do not wish to introduce technology which owned by a single source, when such business entity run into trouble, it creates big inconvenience and waste of money to our customers.

Although they are some other technologies in home automation, (such as Zigbee, WiFi and bluetooth) each has its merits but Z-Wave probably has a larger range of products currently in the market. WiFi system are frequently faced with range limitation and need number of range extender in a house. Bluetooth is more a localized network and require additional integration to make it works while you are away from home.

The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 250 home automation independent manufacturers as of 2013, Principal members include GE/Jasco, Evolve, Ingersoll-Rand, Linear, FAKRO and Sigma Designs. As of 2013, there are more than 900 different products certified by the Z-Wave Alliance. You could easily find all sectors of products for residential, HDB, condominium, light commercial control applications and hotels. These includes, smart security system, smart lighting, smart home theaters, automated window, pool, outdoor lighting, smart garage access, etc.

Z-Wave home automation system uses a mesh network topology. When a node is out of the contact distant (may be due to household obstacles or radio dead spots that might occur), the signal could route through an intermediate node. This makes it very suitable for residential which has many walls in between the controller and the nodes.

Z Wave security
Z Wave network topology

Some companies that work with Z-Wave technology!



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