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L3 Homeation, A certified Z-Wave alliance company

L3 Homeation, A certified Z-Wave alliance company


The Z-Wave Alliance is a global membership organization dedicated to advancing the popular Z-Wave wireless smart home system. In 2016, it announced that L3 Homeation became its certified installer.

L3 Homeation is a leading smart home solution company in Singapore. FIBARO has appointed her as their Singapore exclusive distributor to promote FIBARO Z-WAVE intelligent home system.

The Z-Wave certified installer are trained to provides the use of Z-Wave installation tools, best practices, protocols and rules of successful Z-Wave installations.

There are many reasons to decide to hire a qualify installer over attempting to take on the installation jobs yourself. First of all, L3 Homeation is certified and licensed Z Wave smart home installer. This means that when you hire L3 Homeation, you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is a certain level of oversight, accountability, and expertise. It can be a tremendous ease off your mind to know that these jobs are performed to the highest industry standards and regulations.

Another major reason to hire a qualify installer is that it’s cost effective. Bad installation cause frustration and would take much time and money to correct the faults.

Contact L3 Homeation today to get a free quotation of your smart home solution.

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