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L3 Homeation light bulb recycling discount enter its second year

L3 Homeation light bulb recycling discount enter its second year


Mercury plays a pivotal role in the production of light and cannot be totally eliminated. It increase the light generating efficiency. Fluorescent lamps and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) contain trace amounts of mercury within the glass enclosure. This allow them to use less power to generate the same amount of light. It is prudent to manage broken fluorescent lamps with care.  You should minimize exposure and avoiding direct contact with the broken glass enclosure.

Improper disposal of lamps leads to environmental pollution and this may in turn harm human health. Recycling lamps also helps to conserves our earth’s precious natural resources. Recycled material is used to make new products. This reduces the need to mine virgin raw materials from the earth.

As lamps are fragile, you should not deposited them into the commingled recycling bins located at every HDB block and in the private estates. The broken lamp may contamination of other recyclables.

L3 Homeation, a smart home system company, has Voluntary Lamp Recycling Programmes for Individuals / Households.  We offer you a 5% rebate whey you purchase your new lamp from us and let us help you to dispose your lamp in a proper way.

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