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Momentary switch for dimmer

How to use a 2 position momentary switch with Fibaro FGD211?

Dimmable lights not just providing comfort to your eyes but it is environmental friendly.  Dimming your light by 35% could provide you energy saving up to 20%. You could have more evenly spread of lighting in your space with more lamps but does not increase your electric bill drastically.

It is easy to understand how to use a 3 position momentary switch to control Fibaro FGD211, it is less obvious that how a 2 position momentary switch work with Fibaro FGD211.

The following chart gives you a quick overview on how it works.


Current State   Actions Outcomes
Off one click  Turn on light to the brightness before it was switch off
Off Double clicks Turn on to maximum brightness
Off Press & Hold   From off, increasing brightness.  Release at the desire brightness.
  On One click   Turn off the light.
  On Double clicks   Turn the light to maximum brightness
  On Press & Hold   Gradually brighten the light if the last action was dimming the light.
  On Press & Hold    Gradually dimming the light if the last action is increasing the brightness

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