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NEA announce MELP & MEPS for lighting in Singapore


You may be aware that air-conditioner, refrigerator, clothes dryer and television are subjected to Mandatory Energy Labeling Scheme (MELS) and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). Since 1st July 2015, the scheme was extended to lamps for general lighting.

L3 Homeation is an environmental friendly home automation company. We are championing energy saving activity.  We have stop selling high energy consumption light such as incandescent lamp from 1st May 2015.  We encourage our customer to replace their burnt lamp with low energy consumption devices such as CFL and LED bulbs.

Many may not be aware that lighting is actually the top 5 energy consumption devices in Singapore.  Many consumers are forgetful in switching the light when not in use. Z-Wave smart home system is one way to cut the wastage of energy.  Our smart home solution is suitable for all type of property being HDB, Condominium or landed property.

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