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Network inclusion

Inclusion of your Z-Wave device

Next, you need to include z-wave devices into your Z-wave network. The process is known as inclusion or sometime association. It is a similar process like paring your Bluetooth mouse to your PC or pairing your Bluetooth phone to your audio system. Just as simple !!

Now the fun starts !!

After the devices are paired, you can begin to set up you home automation.

For examples;

– Turn on your living room light when you open your door from outside.

– Received an alert email in your office when someone presses your home doorbell.

The programming is not more difficult than setting up your smart phone. We will provide you plenty of couching and you will enjoy it with your family.

It is that simple !!    It is affordable !   It is expandable !!  It is your home automation !!

You don’t sign any contract or pay any monthly subscription. You own the system. You decide when and how you would expand your home network.

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