47mm Pattress box for Z wave module


In Singapore, standard pattress box is 25mm in depth.  In the past, 47mm depth is a common pattress box size but it is not available easily now.  However 47mm pattress box is very useful for installing your Z-Wave module behind the switch.  If use with a blank cover, it could contents up to 2 modules.


  • Dimensions:86 x 86 x 47 mm
  • Mount Type:Wall, surface mounting
  • Gang Number:1-Gang



A pattress or pattress box is the container for the space behind electrical fittings such as power outlet sockets and light switches.

Some electricians use the term “pattress box” to describe a surface-mounted box, although simply the term “pattress” suffices. The term “flush box” is used for a mounting box that goes inside the wall, although some use the term “wall box”.

The term “pattress” is rarely seen in the United States or Canada, where the equivalent term is device box or switch box.