Aeon Smart Dimmer Plug

Aeon Smart Dimmer Plug UK version, Suitable for Singapore standard 3 pin plug.  The image presented here is a representation photo.  It differs from the original part.

It turns your incandescence light  quickly into a Z Wave controlled device.



Turn any plug-in light into a remote controlled device with this smart dimmer plug.  It could also measure the power consumption of that particular point.  It helps on your energy consuption reduction plan.  It can report immediate wattage consumption or KWh energy usage over a period of time.

The switch plugs into a standard power outlet, and your appliance plugs into the switch. No other wiring is required.  Dimmer Switch is smaller and more reliable than the original model. The switch receives wireless Z-Wave commands up to 100 feet away, repeats Z-Wave commands to other devices, and supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames.

The dimmer works with incandescence light more than 25W.  It does not work with CFL or lower power LED.