FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W

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FIBARO Universal Dimmer is a radio controlled light dimming module, designed to work with light sources of any type.  IT can be connected to two-wire or three-wire electrical system, and can switch or dim connected light source either through the wall switch connected directly to it.  It can automatically send connected devices, features automatic overload protection switch-off and soft start function.  Works as a dimmer or as a connector.


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Many Possibility of Operation and Installation

FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W is capable of controlling Light sources up to 500W.  With its leading edge control capability, it can control majority of dimmable load.  FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W has a second switch input (S2) for controlling additional associated devices or as a 2 way installation.


Compact and Easy to Install

FIBARO Relay Switch Universal Dimmer 500W  is an extremely small module, which will easily fit into wall switch or other housing.



Increase possibility with FIBARO Bypass

With FIBARO Bypass FGB001, FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W may operate any dimmable load up to 500W. FIBARO Bypass FGB001 will be required when load is less than 25W.  (Note: Please only use FIBARO Bypass FGB001 with FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W, using FIBARO Bypass 2 FGB002 may damage the FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W)


Manual and Remote Operation

No matter if you are at work, on vacation, or shopping, control your lighting. You can do it remotely, through a smartphone or tablet application, or locally, using wall mounted switches.


Product Specification

  • Power Supply: 110-240V ±10% AC 50/60Hz
  • Output power: 25-500W (for resistive loads – 230V), 10-250W (for resistive loads – 110V)
  • Power Consumption < 0.8W
  • Operational temperature: 10-40°C
  • Circuit Temperature Limit: 105°C
  • Overcurrent protection: 2.5A
  • Wireless: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Radio Signal Power: up to 1mW
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 42 x 37 x 17mm
  • For installation in boxes: ∅ ≥ 50mm


Download the Manual

Click to download the FIBARO Universal Dimmer 500W manual.