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Get 5% rebate – Let’s recycle light bulb

Bring your burnt out light bulb (intact) to us and we will give you a 5% rebate on the same number of light bulbs (regardless of type) that you purchase from us.  The bulb will be disposed in a right way to save the environment that we live.

This is a small effort you and I could do to preserve our children’s future living environment.  Take our offer, put in a little bit of your effort, let’s do it together.

Why should we recycle light bulb?

Certain light bulb contains harmful materials.  For example, in CFL, mercury is an essential substance of the light bulb.  It increases the efficiency of the light source.  Small amounts of mercury can be released into the environment when CFLs break, or if they are improperly disposed.

When the bulb is broken, mercury vapor can release into the air.  On average, it contains about four milligrams of mercury sealed in the tube.

Mercury if entered our body, it affects the immune system, damages the nervous system, alters genetic and enzyme systems.

L3 Homeation wish to do more for the environment but we have a very limited resources at this moment.  We pledge to our customers that as we grow, we will continue to increase our effort in preserving the environment for our kids’ future.

To understand more, you may refer to the following link.


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