There are many reasons that you would like to keep an eye on your home while you are away.  For example, to be sure of your senior well-being, knowing who is entering your property, be sure that your juniors arrived home safe and sound.

Integrating an IP camera into the Z Wave home automation system forms a better smart security system to achieve the “be home everywhere” concept.  When the sensors is activated (smoke detector, break-in alarm, door bell is pressed, door is opened, etc.) you will be alerted immediately. You can turn on your smart phone apps to look at what’s happening at home.

L3 Homeation Singapore introduces a series of Foscam and D-Link IP cameras, which integrate seamlessly with Z-Wave home automation systems.  If you are looking for a Z-Wave IP camera, the below Foscam cameras are tested for its compatibility with Vera and FIBARO controllers. 

We are an authorized dealer of Foscam in Singapore.  You can purchase it with agent warranty.  We can also advice you on the integration of Foscam with Z-Wave home automation system.  Be confident to purchase it from L3 Homeation Singapore.

L3 Homeation also provides commercial property installation package.  The installation is done by our dedicated home automaton installation team.  Call us now to get more details.


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