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Celebrating L3 Homeation 4th Anniversary. Mystery gift to be given away when you purchase a selected model


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The reliable secure system that you could trust

Are all the digital locks the same?

When selecting a digital lock, you need to consider 3 key factors.

  1. Which brand?
  2. Which model?
  3. 3. After sales service and emergency lock opening.

Digital lock becomes an essential part of the home automation system. It not only provides the convenient of keyless entry but an added layer of security.  Biological access such as finger print scanning makes it harder for unauthorized access to your property.

Yale is one of the oldest international brands in the world and probably the best-known name in the locking industry. Its being dates back to 1840.  It has a proven record of innovation for more than 170 years.

There are many different type of door structures in Singapore condominiums and private estate.  Even the HDB flat, doors are not unified and standardised.  There is no other better way than seeing the products that you would like to purchase, feel it, touch it and understand how it works with proper expert advice.

It is a matter of spending hundreds of dollars to provide the right security level to your loved family and your belonging. Don’t spend the money with regrets and compromising your family security.

Yale Singapore has an emergency service team, which you could contact in 24 hours to deal with any unforeseen situation, which may arise from your digital lock.  It gives you a peace of mind. This is one of the important value as compare to other brand.

L3 Homeation Singapore is an authorised dealer of Assa Abloy.  We carry a full range of Yale digital lock in display.  We also partnered Assa Abloy Asia to develop the first Z-Wave Europe frequency lock.  Our Z-Wave smart home solution could include digital lock, IP camera, sensors, etc. to form a complete smart home security system to protect your property and your family.

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