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The reliable secure smart digital lock system that you could trust

A smart lock is may be the most important part of connected home.  If you are building your smart home system, you will find this z wave smart lock is one items that you should not missed.

In many situations, we would only like to give temporary access to certain people to our house such as the contract cleaner, who come only once or twice a week. When she arrived at the door step, with the Z-Wave smart lock, you could then issue a command to open the door from your mobile phone even when you are at work, away on business, at the mall or on vacation.  There is also situation that you might also want to receive an alert, when any of your family member returned home and unlock the door.

The following Z Wave smart locks are all tested with FIBARO system and Vera Lite.  Come to get our advice by visiting our showroom today.

The lock work well by itself as any other digital lock.  If you would like to use it as a smart lock as part of your smart home setup, an additional Z Wave module and a Z Wave Home Controller (such as FIBARO Lite or Vera Lite) are required.

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