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Yale Z-Wave digital lock for Europe frequency

The first Yale Z-WAve European Frequency door lock is with L3 Homeaton !!

Digital lock is one of the essential item for home automation and office automation. However, there are limited choices of high quality Z-Wave door lock with European frequency (868.42 MHz).

As door lock is a security device, it protects your home contents and your family.  You will surely hope to get a reputed brand with tracked record in the lock industry.  We would like to recommend to our customer only the brand that we used to protect our own home and tested it toughly.

L3 Homeation work with Yale and Assa Abloy.  Finally, this Yale Z-Wave Europe version digital lock is now with us in Singapore.

Yale has more than 170 years of history and they are the innovator of the lock industry.  The lock we introduce also allow you have key access.  This will require much higher security design knowhow, which is Yale’s forte.

This product only has limited quantity in production and it is first launch into Singapore market. It will take quite sometimes before you could see it in other markets.  Therefore, order it hurriedly before the stock is sold out.


Yale YRD220-ZW-EU (868.4MHz) Real Living Z Wave Deadbolt lock.


*Price exclude installation

This is the first Yale Z-Wave digital lock working with European frequency 868.42MHz. Limited quantity is produced at this state and you won’t find it elsewhere.


-Design match well with all kind of door design.

-EU 868.42 Z-Wave module inclusive

-Store up to 250 customized entry codes

-Auto re-lock function can be enabled or disabled at the touch of a button

-For added security “Privacy Mode” will lock out all codes

-This smart lock will speak English.




This is a home automation digital door lock using Z-Wave technology.  The wireless range of this lock is 50-100 feet and it can make use of the intermediate node to reach the controller if it is out of range.

The lock will fit in the place of your existing deadbolt and is compatible with all standard interior and exterior doors.  You may send us your door and the current lock photo for us to advice you the suitability of the installation.

We bringing home owners innovative new Home Control options for their Z-Wave networks. The lock uses elegant electronic interactive touchscreen.  This allows users to access their premise effortlessly.  It also come with a key access to give you peace of mind if the case of battery flat or electronics malfunction.  With the Z-Wave technology, you can now remotely control your door lock everywhere in the world as long as you can access to the internet connection.

Use any web-enabled device to remotely lock and unlock doors Pre-program text or email messages to alert you of activity.

  • Illumination of touchscreen for use at night
  • Compatible with all standard interior and exterior doors
  • Tapered bolt allows use with misaligned doors
  • Durable acrylic touchscreen for years of reliability
  • Compatible with all Z-Wave automation controllers

Yale Real Living Z-Wave EU frequency digital lock has been tested with the following controllers.

S/N Feature VeraLite
(version 1.7.388)
Fibaro HC2
(4.0.18 Beta)
1 Control lock from PC portal Yes Yes    
2 Control lock from mobile apps (iOS, Android) Yes Yes    
3 Lock status update to PC portal Yes Yes    
4 Pin code manage from PC portal
(creating pin code, rename pin code, delete pin code)
Yes NO
(manage it from the lock itself)
5 Log history of  Overall Lock status change Yes
(on PC portal)
(On mobile apps)
6 Log history of individual pin code access Yes No    
7 Using individual pin access to trigger scene Yes No    
8  Lock configuration from interface
(set lock audiable level, etc)
Yes No
(Manage it from the lock itself)

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