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Yale Z Wave Lock EU compatibility

Yale Real Living Z-Wave EU frequency digital lock has been tested with the following controllers.

S/N Feature VeraLite
(version 1.7.388)
Fibaro HC2
(4.0.18 Beta)
1 Control lock from PC portal Yes Yes
2 Control lock from mobile apps (iOS, Android) Yes Yes
3 Lock status update to PC portal Yes Yes
4 Pin code manage from PC portal
(creating pin code, rename pin code, delete pin code)
Yes NO
(manage it from the lock itself)
5 Log history of  Overall Lock status change Yes
(on PC portal)
(On mobile apps)
6 Log history of individual pin code access Yes No
7 Using individual pin access to trigger scene Yes No
8  Lock configuration from interface
(set lock audiable level, etc)
Yes No
(Manage it from the lock itself)

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