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What is Home Automation?

♦ Security of your home

♦ Save Energy

♦ Lifestyle living

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Z Wave is one of the most widely used home automation technology in USA and Europe.

Our products are IDA approved and produced by USA and Europe technology

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What it does?

The Z Wave system has a wide range of products possible to control almost anything in your home.

1. Lights, air-con, etc.
2. IP camera, doorbell, door lock
3. Awning, rain/light sensors
4. Smoke, water detectors
5. Temperature control
6. Many others that you need…..

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Safe and Comfort Home

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L3 Homeation provides

♦ Retailing of Home Automation parts

♦ On-line sales of Home Automation parts

♦ Distribution (resellers are welcome)

♦ Home Automation installation

♦ Consultation

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