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Z Wave touch panel switch without neutral wire

Z Wave touch panel switch without neutral wire


Z-Wave Home Automation system is more than just remote controlling of light switch.  With the Z-Wave smart home controller, our L3 Homeation consultants can help you to automate all your home appliances to meet your life style.  It usually resulting in cutting at least 20% of energy wastage.

This GR touch panel switch is a new addition to our Z-Wave home automation system.  It is design to meet Singapore, Malaysia and other countries which are using UK standard BS5337 86X86mm pattress box.  There is another key advantage of this switch.  It does not require a neutral wire at the switch location.  It is particularly advantageous for retrofit the existing light switch when pulling a neutral wire is not an easy task.

Regardless of which kind of property you are living in Singapore or Malaysia, L3 Homeation consultant could provide you a smart home solution.

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