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Door lock solution to office automation in Singaopre

Electromagnetic lock is a good solution to situation when door needs to be open and close hundreds of time in a day.  It does not have any moving mechanism therefore it is very durable in such usage.  There are version which could have a holding power up to 1200lb.  Practically, it is impossible for anyone to pull it apart.

Electromagnetic lock is usually deactivate (unlock) by pin code device, RFID tag or finger printer scanner from outside and using a simple push button switch to unlock it from inside.  L3 installed a number of this lock integrated into Z-wave home automation system with a Fibaro modules. This allows the door to be deactivate by smart phone or computer wherever you are.

One clients has a special need.  At some exceptional hours normal access from outside the door is denied.  Whoever need to enter the office need to phone him to request for access.  This is part of the office security system offered by L3.

This solution is also very useful for retrofit the existing lock.  Once the z-wave module is integrated with the lock, it gives the convenient to add additional access control points without rewiring the internal unlocking switch location.

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Office main glass door entrance

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Shop house application, controlling it from level 2

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Integrated with Z-Wave automation system

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Module to be installed in box

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Office room automation with magnetic lock


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