How Does Home Automation Work?

How does home automation work?

L3 Homeation provides Z-Wave home automation solution which helps to make an affordable smart home in Singapore. The Z wave home automation solution is reliable, proven and have been installed widely in Europe and USA.  Z-Wave is an expendable home automation system.  You could start with a basic system and expand it as your need grow.  Z-wave is a very affordable home automation solution that most Singaporean could afford.

Momentary Switch For Dimmer

How to use a 2 position momentary switch with Fibaro FGD211?

Dimmable lights not just providing comfort to your eyes but it is environmental friendly.  Dimming your light by 35% could provide you energy saving up to 20%. You could have more evenly spread of lighting in your space with more lamps but does not increase your electric bill drastically.

It is easy to understand how to use a 3 position momentary switch to control Fibaro FGD211, it is less obvious that how a 2 position momentary switch work with Fibaro FGD211.

The following chart gives you a quick overview on how it works.

Current State     Actions   Outcomes  
Off-W50 Off Click one click dim-w45  Turn on light to the brightness before it was switch off
Off Double clicks bright-W50 Turn on to maximum brightness
Off Press & Hold From off, increasing brightness.  Release at the desire brightness.
On Click One click Turn off the light.
On Double clicks Turn the light to maximum brightness
On Press & Hold  ram-upbright-W50 Gradually brighten the light if the last action was dimming the light.
 dim-w45 On Press-Hold Press & Hold   ram-downOff-W50 Gradually dimming the light if the last action is increasing the brightness
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