What Can Home Automation Do?

What can Z-Wave home automation do for you?

What a home automation system could do for you depend on the follow;

  1. The technology use and it is processing power.
  2. The variety of devices which could realize your automation needs.

There are a few home automation platforms around in Singapore market.  Each has its merit and demerit points.  One of the forte of Z-Wave home automation is there are more than a 1000 certified Z-Wave devices available.  You could probably find solution to whatever automation idea you wish to have.

This page shows you those examples that we installed for our clients.  Some of these ideas are in fact created by our clients themselves.  We appreciate their agreement for us to show it here.

Z-Wave Lock Remote Access

Remote access your door lock anywhere. Door lock is one of the very useful components of the home automation system. There are limited good quality z-wave door locks operating at Europe frequency 868.42 MHz. Yale is by far the best choice that you could have.

Using Z-Wave digital lock, you can remotely access your door lock using your smartphone.

It is common in Singapore, family engages hourly maid to help on the house chores. Most trust their maid to clean their house without their present but are reluctant to let the mail keep a set of their house keys.

With Z-Wave home automation system, your problem is solved now. When your mail arrived at your door step. Send you an SMS. You open the door for her from your office !!

With an integrated IP camera, you may even see if there is any uninvited guest is following her.

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What Can It Do?


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