Z-Wave Installation Examples


The Z wave home automation system introduced here is a DIY-able Home Automation system. We share these installation photos (with the consensus of our clients) to those who are keen to DIY their home automation system.  All illustrations here are not simulated, beautified illustration.

For those who are not resided in Singapore, this page is not intended to be a step by step guide for DIY home automation installation. However, it will surely give you a very good idea on how you could DIY the home automation system.  It may also gives ideas for what kind of equipment may be needed and how it could be done.  Or at least, it helps you to explain to your local electrician and installer what are needed.

If you are resided in Singapore, you could also engage us to do the installation for you at a very affordable price.  Our qualify electricians have experienced in all kind of installation environments in residential, office or even school  This including pulling (fishing) a neutral wire, dealing with 3-phase connection, etc.

Z-Wave Lock Installation

Yale Z-Wave European frequency door lock installation

If you are currently using a deadbolt door lock, replacing it with Yale Z Wave EU frequency door lock takes less than 10 minutes.  The only tools that you need is a screw drive.  If you are installing it on a new door, you may need an additional power drill, chisel and a pen knife.  The following links show you how this could be easily done.


If you are living in Singapore, you could also let our L3 installation team do it for you at only S$60.  This cost including on installation and inclusion of your Yale Z-wave EU digital lock into your Z-Wave home network.

This is one of our installation on a HDB flat replacing an existing deadbolt door lock.

Original deadbolt lock
Removing the old lock
Insert the new mechanism
Fixing the front of the lock
Insert battery and module
Programming the code


Limited Space in Box I
Limited Space in Box II
Replacing PLC
Replacing X10
Multi-way Switch
Dimmer Matching Lights
Pulling Neutral Wire
No Neutral Wire I
No Neutral Wire II
No Neutral Wire III
Integration Package
Module Installation


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