Z-Wave Setup and Installation Guide

This page provides you the necessary information in setting up your Z-Wave gateway and modules.

There is a large amount of information available on the internet regarding the Z-Wave system set up. You can spend weeks reading. We have compiled a list below to save you valuable time rather than having to go through hundreds of reviews and videos. The links below can serve all your needs. Read or watch it once before you start your setup and follow it again step by step to complete your setup.


Setting up your VeraLite

Setting up the VeraLite is simple. The gallery below gives you the setup procedure at a glance. If you have already purchased your VeraLite, we suggest you watch the four minute video tutorial before you start configuring your VeraLite and Z-Wave network.

Watch the video below for instruction on setting up your VeraLite

Follow the steps below to setup your VeraLite system

Step 1


Find the quick setup guide in the VeraLite packing box.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Want to see more examples?

Check out more information here!


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