Aeon Lab Z-Stick

SGD$99.00 SGD$84.00

  • Simplify Z-Wave network installation (inclusion of devices)
  • Controls up to 232 Z-Wave devices with 300-foot RF range
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows XP, Server 2003/2000, and Vista
  • Easily upgradeable
  • USB specification 2.0 compliant, full speed (12 Mbps)

The Aeon Labs Z-Stick serves as a Z-Wave antenna that receives all wireless communications from Z-Wave devices. Capable of supporting up to 232 devices, the Z-Stick gives you comprehensive control of your entire Z-Wave network directly from your PC.

The Z-Stick can create a new network or integrate into your existing network. The Z-Stick is easily upgradeable with the latest Z-Wave protocols and commands. It can be upgraded in field via its USB port which also serves as a charging port for its internal battery.

The stick is a self-powered Z-Wave USB dongle with push button for remote network creation (independent from external power and host microprocessor). When attached to a host processor, it becomes a Z-Wave communication device, which exposes the Zensys API (SerialAPI) through integrated USB.