Aeon Multi Sensor


Aeon Labs MultiSensor is a 4 in 1 sensor.

It detects motion, temperature, humidity and luminescence. This sensor can be used indoor or outdoor and can be powered by battery or by a USB power source (optional).

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  • Temperature sensor
    • Good resolution up to ±1°c
    • Control heating or other devices based on the temperature detected.
  • Motion detection
    • When motion is detected.  It triggers scenes or events.
    • Intruders warning as part of your security system.
  • Light sensing
    • Switching Z Wave controlled lights or devices on/off  at dusk/dawn
    • Wide sensing range from 0 – 1000 LUX
  • Humidity sensor
    • Good for controlling dehumidifiers etc. to alleviate dampness
    • Sensing range from 20% – 90% adequate for most environment