FIBARO Door and Window Sensor for HomeKit


This is FIBARO extended range of product which work with Apple Homekit.

  • This sensor is to detect opening of doors, gates and window.
  • It trigger scenes when opening doors, window or gates are detected.  Therefore, it increase the home security
  • There is a built-in temperature sensors to measure the surrounding temperature.
  • The Door/Window Sensor responds to Siri letting you check the temperature or if there are any open windows or doors in your home.



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Watch the video of FIBARO HomeKit door sensor

The perfect combination of 4 features

The FIBARO Door/Window sensor combines many features that let you increase your comfort and safety.

  • Contact sensor
  • Tamper protection
  • Temperature sensor
  • An element of the security system

Intuitive FIBARO app.

  • Easy-to-read interface and easy to add devices.
  • Preview of the current state of all connected equipment.
  • Devices added by the FIBARO app are also available in the Apple Home app.

Technical Manual


Technical manual in pdf format:  FGBHDW-002-EN-T-v1.1


Click on the above link to get the full technical specification.