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The FIBARO KeyFob enables home control via management and activation of Z-Wave connected devices working within the same network.

The FIBARO KeyFob is a small remote control that comes in a natural, ergonomic shape of a flattened ellipsoid. It allows you to control devices connected within working range of the Z-Wave network. KeyFob’s powerful functionality is possible due to its communication with the standard Z-Wave Plus module and a (newer) series of Z-Wave 5 modules. Compared to the standard Z-Wave Plus protocol, the new Z-Wave 5 offers an increased network range by 50%, which grants overall faster operation of all connected devices.
Its 6 advantageously placed buttons permit a KeyFob user to either activate pre-programmed scenes or control other devices that perform direct tasks like switching certain connected devices on and off and brightening and dimming lights. Additionally, the conveniently compact KeyFob remote makes a great key ring that is small enough to bring along anywhere.
The mini FIBARO remote control is also equipped with a LED RGB, which indicates the current status of the device, such as alerting whether it has entered wake up mode, is undergoing a prolonged activation of a particular scene, or if it has a low battery. A KeyFob user can also program the battery capacity, which is alarm-activated, in order to be alerted when the battery is running low, to ensure the device never dies while being in use. Standard use of KeyFob, which about an average of 5 scene activations per day, will keep the battery life going for a little over 2 years.
KeyFob also comes equipped with the capability to automatically lock after a certain amont of time in order to prevent accidental or unauthorized activation and usage of the remote. The lock feature can be removed through a customized sequence by pressing 2 to 5 buttons in a combination that will unlock the keys.



Ideally Design

KeyFob was designed with precise attention to detail. Its ergonomic
and compact shape allow it to fit perfectly in your hand, and pocket,
while raised buttons allow for intuitive clicking.


Perfection in Every Element

KeyFob’s modern design is only the first layer of its perfection. Inside the device lies the most advanced electronic technology developed by FIBARO engineers to meet and exceed all possible smart home challenges..


Quick and Easy Inclusion

Adding a device to the system is as intuitive as using it. Quick-start KeyFob and feel like everything just got a lot easier.


Try 24 Combinations

Each button press responds to an option of 1, 2 or 3 clicks and holding a button down.That’s a total of up to 24 possibilities.


And Add 6 Sequence

To set up for the six sequences use combination of 2 to 5 buttons. This gives a total of 30 possible actions.


Mindful of Safety

KeyFob comes with a fully configurable, automatic pin lock that effectively protects against accidental clicks or unauthorized use.


One Control for the Whole House

Control the lights, turn on the music, manage temperature, close the blinds and gates and open the door. Run virtually any KeyFob devices and scenes you desire.


Opens the Door Before Your Eye

Open electronic locks,when you come home or when your friends are at the door. Open up a new dimension of convenience, while maintaining the highest level of security.


Make Life Easier for Your Loved Ones

Access to daily domestic responsibilities is not just a convenience. Give your family more than just comfort. Give them the joy of a smoothly functioning home.


The Intelligent Home’s Controller







Technical Data

• Battery type: CR2450 3.0V (included)
• Battery life: est. 2 years (default settings, max. 5 pushes per day and direct range)
• Operating temperature: 10 – 40°C
• EU standards compliance: RoHS 2011/65/EU R&TTE 1999/5/EC
• Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
• Radio frequency: 868.4 MHz
• Range: up to 50m outdoors up to 40m indoors (Depending on terrain and building structure)
• Dimensions : 70 x 38 x 15 mm


Download the Manual

Click to download the FIBARO Button manual