FIBARO Motion Sensor for HomeKit


  • This sensor is work with Apple HomeKit.  It measures temperature, ligt intensity and detects motion. Accelerometer is build-in to detect tampering.
  • When motion is detected, it could use to trigger scenes such as turn on the alarm, send you an alert or switching on your room light.
  • It integrate well with Siri, just ask “hey siri, what is the temperature in the living room”
  • You can set up the FIBARO motion sensor from the FIBARO app directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in a few easy steps
  • Battery-powered and completely wireless, featuring a smart bracket with grip that allows it to be affixed almost anywhere



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FIBARO Motion Sensors work with HomeKit

  1. FIBARO Motion Sensor detects people in restricted areas.
  2. FIBARO Motion Sensor turns on lights at dusk.
  3. FIBARO Motion Sensor gives you a sign when kids are back from school.
  4. FIBARO Motion Sensor turns on nightlight.
  5. FIBARO Motion Sensor turns up the heat.
  6. FIBARO Motion Sensor protects your home.
  7. FIBARO Motion Sensor can not be triggerd by small pets.
  8. FIBARO Motion Sensor turns on radio. * These use cases depend on system development and they are examples of what can be created with your imagination.”

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Small is beautiful

Just under 2 inch diameter, featuring an immaculate, sleek, and modern white casing, you’ll fall in love with this motion sensor at first sight.