FIBARO Home Center Lite


FIBARO Home Center Lite is a new, incredibly compact brain of the FIBARO System, that uses proven solutions applied in the Home Center 2.  The HCL is equipped with a new recovery system and has the ability to store backups in the cloud.  IT is smaller than HC2 and offers the possibility of further expansion with modules (battery and a GSM module*).  The Home Center Lite controller allows for even greater integration of home multimedia systems with the FIBARO System.

*coming soon.


New FIBARO Home Center Lite – Tiny but Powerful

The new FIBARO Home Center Lite (HCL) is a complete Z-Wave home automation gateway. The tiny size may be misleading on its capability, HCL is able to run the entire house – control lighting, appliances, hearing, communicate with sensors, and alerting you on fire hazard, etc.

HCL provides the FIBARO signature Innovative User Interface as well.

HCL Pic1


Compact, Quick and Effective

HCL is compact – measuring 90 x 90 x 33mm.

Within the compact casing, HCL uses a new ARM Cortex-A8 720MHz processor to delivery high speed performance with small power consumption.  HCL is among the smallest Z-Wave gateway controller and yet it is able to mange any Z-Wave system with up to 230 devices.

HCL Pic2


Setup Your Command Post

New command post for your home will be the FIBARO app, which layout and functionality depend on your decisions. You can create and modify tables, icons, names in such a way that you will always have those most important on tap. User-friendliness and flexibility of FIBARO app will make your intelligent system operation easy and straightforward.

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Greater Control Over Multimedia

The new HCL delivers even greater integration of home multimedia with your Z-Wave System. Manage your TV, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi and others – right from the FIBARO app*. Using FIBARO, you don’t need any remote other than your smart phone or tablet. All of these devices can be set to work automatically.

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Power Management

HCL comes with power management functionality that allow you to monitor the current energy consumption and the power consumption history while being able to spot the devices consuming the most of it. Detailed statistics are presented as clear charts, helping you compare numbers and estimate upcoming bills.

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Discovers Various Threats

HCL together with the total FIBARO system is designed to discover threats and report them. FIBARO System will immediately inform you of a threatening fire, flood, break-in or leaking gas. FIBARO will protect your home cutting water supply when pipes are leaking, or cutting gas supply, ventilate home and inform you about it. Having discovered a break-in attempt, FIBARO will trigger the alarm, notify security and feed live preview from security cameras directly to your mobile devices. FIBARO – your only safeguard

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HCL arms with Geolocation function.  With HCL, your home always knows where you and your family members. When you leave home, the system turns off unneeded devices, arms the alarm system and simulates your presence to discourage thieves from breaking in. While calculating your return route, the system will adjust temperature and run pre-programmed scenes. Energy saving, safety and comfort – FIBARO.

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From Mount Everest, Office, Car.

Forgot to turn off an iron when rushing to the office? No worries. Grab your phone, start FIBARO app and check. Using automatic remote access to your intelligent home from anywhere in the World, check what’s happening, manage the devices, monitor safety, heating parameters and many more.

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Full History at Your Fingertips

With FIBARO System you can control how much time your kids spent in front of TV, computer or with a video game console. It’s a perfect solution to plan how many hours your kids may play or watch their favourite movies. Create schedules or remotely control operation of the devices.

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Product Specification

  • Power Supply: 12V (Power Supply included)
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 (720MHz)
  • Antenna: External High Gan
  • Network Interface: 10/100/1000 Base-T through RJ45
  • WLAN: Connect to Wi-Fi Router via Ethernet cable
  • Wireless: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Radio Signal Power: up to 1mW
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 90 x 90 x 33mm

Download the Manual

Click to download the Home Center Lite manual