Steinel XLED FloodLight Home 1 white/Silver/Black


XLED home 1

Maximum power output, minimal power consumption. Sensor-switched LED floodlight XLed Home 1, ideal for driveways, courtyards, gardens and porches, 14,8 W (approximately equivalent to 150 W halogen) for perfect illumination on a sensationally low amount of energy, 140° angle of coverage, reach up to 14 m, light panel and sensor fully swivelling, Active Thermo Control.


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  • The combination of LED technology with an installed power output of just 12 W, equivalent to approx. 150 W of halogen
  • STEINELs patented Active Thermo Control system protects the floodlight from overheating
  • The light panel that turns through 180° and tilts through 120°, the XLED Home 1 can be aimed exactly as required
  • The 140° angle of coverage and 14 m reach can be adjusted as required by fitting the shrouds provided
  • Its built-in sensor with a 140° angle of coverage and 239 m² detection zone can also be turned through 180° and tilted through 120°
  • Time and twilight threshold of this spotlight can be infinitely varied
  • The LED spot with 192 LEDs provides stage-worthy illumination for driveways, courtyards and gardens

Top seller. Now 25% more light for the same amount of electricity.

The XLED home 1 sensor-switched floodlight with its perfect looks and illumination takes care of your security while using a sensationally low amount of energy. Whether interconnected or used on its own, the powerful floodlight makes your property as bright as day. Because economical 14,8 W LEDs replace 150 W of halogen light. Thanks to STEINEL’s patented Active Thermo Control (ATC) cooling system, the floodlight only generates an extremely low level of heat which means installation under overhanging roofs and projecting surfaces is not an issue.



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