VeraLite controller

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VeraLite gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door lock alarm systems and more. Plus you easily can add intelligence to almost anything electronic in your home, and VeraLite can control them too.

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Compact but armed with plenty of brains and muscle, the VeraLite smart controller instantly turns a home or apartment into a personal assistant for your busy life. It makes possible all kinds of conveniences and savings that you’ll appreciate from day one, and come to love more and more over time as you start to see all the things it can do for you. VeraLite is the gateway to all these benefits:

  • EASY HOME SECURITY Keep watch over your home! VeraLite manages cameras, controls door locks and alerts you to activity when needed. You’ll always know that everyone’s ok.
  • REDUCTIONS IN ENERGY BILLS  VeraLite lets you see and control household energy consumption and tailor it for savings every month, automatically or by remote control.
  •  IMPORTANT ALERTS Wouldn’t you love to get an email or text that the kids got home safely?  That the UPS guy dropped off your package? That your basement just got wet? VeraLite can send you one.
  • AUTOMATIC COMFORT SETTINGS Have the house warm or cool the way you like it all the time, even for different house members, even as VeraLite saves you energy the rest of the time.
  • LESS TIME WASTED When you know what’s going on at home and can control things, you don’t need to make as many trips home. VeraLite makes busy lives easier.