YDR424G Biometric, Pin Code Access Digital lock for Metal Gate

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This digital lock is specially design for Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) apartment metal gate.  Normal digital lock is only suitable for wooden door installation.  This lock does not have the usual unlock knob at its back.  Therefore, visitor at the front of the gate could not unlock it by reaching their hand to the back.

To unlock it from inside the house, a separate wireless push button is provided.  This can be placed at your convenience location.  It can also unlock from the back with a mechanical key if needed.



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Features & Benefits

Automatic Locking
The built-in Auto Lock sensor automatically locks a door within 5 seconds after the door was closed.

Safety Mode
Safety mode can be used for professional and high secure management. The Master code is used for programming and for feature settings. it must be created prior to programming the lock. The Master code will also operate (unlock/lock) the lock.

Low Battery and Emergency Power
When battery power is low, the Low Battery Warning indicator flashes RED. If battery power is completely lost, use the 9Volt battery override.

High Temperature Alarm
When there’s fire, it detects the temperature of the inside. It not only goes off an alarm but also releases the lock status automatically.

Tamper Alert
Audible alarm sounds if attempting to forcibly remove outside lock from door.

Remove Control

You can use the Remote Control installing the applicable remote control module.

Wrong Code Entry Limit
After five (5) unsuccessfull attempts at entering a valid code, the unit will shut down and not allow operation.