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Zipabox is a next-generation automation controller that lets you control all your home electronics. Most often it uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves (Z Wave) that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets, but it can also use existing powerlines or BUS wires to connect all your home electronics.

This unit has been tested by us in Singapore living environment.  Setting up and connection with your WiFi modem is an easy job.

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With the Zipato online, you’re connected to your home in a whole new way. Via secure access from any web-enabled computer, you can view secure live video of your home, set up custom schedules, automate lights and thermostats for energy efficiency, and much more.

What you can do with your Portal

The Zipato web portal provides a private, secure access to your home for you to monitor and manage your home’s security. You’ll also be able to  review home event history, set up email and text alerts, and customize your system by adding additional lights, appliances and devices.

Once you’ve signed in, the General Widget of the web portal displays the name of your Zipabox and a welcome message that includes your name, the current date, a Sign Out link, the date and time of your last sign in.

  • Whether the security panel is armed, disarmed, or sounding an alarm
  • The overall state of devices and what connection path is being used
  • The current status of your devices
  • Device activity that might be considered unusual
  • The scenarios which you can activate
  • Electricity consumption of all meter devices