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Condominium Smart Home Automation System in Singapore

Condominium Smart Home Automation System in Singapore

L3 Homeation Singapore is the most trusted smart home solution company by Singapore estate developers.  You may see our credential in our Developer Projects page.  All the units in those estates are installed with FIBARO smart Home automation system.  L3 installation not limited to those developer projects, we are proud to say, we have clients in almost every condo estate which TOP in recent years.  Condominium units take up about 60% of the individual house project clients.  Smart home automation system provides the security and convenient of live to our clients.

Cost:  $2000 – $4000.
The cost vary according to your needs.  Most clients spend between $2K to $4K.  This cost is sufficient to cover all the switch points for a 3 bed room unit and major appliances.

What they installed?
The most required installation is controlling the lighting of the whole house and motion sensors, this allows scenes be program.  The next is air-con and water heater controller for energy saving.

Our condominium clients are often install Z-Wave controlled digital door lock, smoke detector and IP camera for better security of their house. There are also frequently requests to have smart blinds/curtain installed.

When to start:
FIBARO system is suitable for newly build house or as retrofit system. If using dimmable light, neutral wire to the switch point may not be required.  However, to achieve long term stability, we would recommend neutral wire be laid.  Therefore, the best timing is plan and implement your smart home together with your house renovation.

How to start your smart house?
Don’t need to spend time attending courses or reading, simply visit our showroom in Kallang with your floor plan and electrical wiring plan (after you have decided your renovation plan).  You could see and grab the complete home automation concept here within minutes.


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