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GoodWood Grand STRATA Bungalows Smart Home Automation project

GoodWood Grand STRATA Bungalows Smart Home Automation project

L3 Homeation is ranked top in its competency by many major developers.  Another well known developer Feature (Balmoral) Pte Ltd, has selected L3 Homeation Singapore Pte. Ltd. and FIBARO smart home automation system for its project.

All GoodWood Grand STRATA Bungalows will install FIBARO system by L3 Homeation Singapore Pte. Ltd.

GoodWood Grand is located at the exclusive District 10 along Balmoral Road.  A free hold project consist of 75 units with the mixture of luxury apartments and Strata Bungalows.  It enjoys unspoiled views of the verdant Goodwood Hill.

All units are fitted with top brand appliances with top designer in town.  FIBARO smart home system has been selected as part of this luxury estate features.

FIBARO smart home automation system allows residents to control functions of their home automatically or remotely. Smart home automation offer residents a more convenient, efficient and often safer living experience through various means, including:

Security lights which turn on automatically.

Motion detection alarms

Window and Glass break detectors

Security cameras

Remote monitoring

Home Automation as a part of luxury housing is a trend that is setting in to stand out.

The elements (option additional) that can be controlled by the FIBARO fall into divergent categories such as light control, temperature control, entertainment and safety features. Lights can be automated to turn off in an unoccupied room. Turning on the Coffee maker or the security alarm can be possible with the touch of a button. The AC’s can be switched on before stepping into your house or residents can receive email alerts in case a window is left open or the apartment has not been locked appropriately. In the rooms, window shades can be programmed to adjust for maximum energy efficiency based on the time of day or outside temperature, which helps save some energy.

Visit L3 Homeation to understand how this could affordably introduced in your lovely home.


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