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Your BTO Smart Home Project

Your BTO Smart Home Project

HDB high quality housing is a Singapore Icon. In support of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, HDB strives to leverage Smart technologies in the planning, development, and management of HDB towns. The smart initiatives would be introduced to create a more liveable, efficient, sustainable, and safe living environment for HDB residents.

As part of the smart nation drive, L3 Homeation is dedicated to provide smart device in home to complete the smart nation total vision.  While HDB takes care of smart concept surrounding your home and L3 Homeation takes care of the smart concept is in your home.

L3 Homeation is one of the most trusted smart home solution company by housing developers, business owners and individual house owners in Singapore. More than 40% of our individual home projects are from the various size of HDB apartments. We get satisfied customers introducing their friends to us for the following reasons;

Cost competitiveness

We provide you the most cost competitive package in Singapore. Tailor to your need. Rather than a fixed package for all.  As a quick estimation, a 3 bedroom flat range between $2K to 3K.


L3 Homeation installed more than a thousand individual homes and there are 7 estates at the time of writing has decided on FIBARO system by L3 Homeation.  We are oblige to stay on to servicing few thousands of installed system in Singapore.

Professional installation

Customer’s satisfaction is much related to the installation quality.   L3 Homeation does not outsource this important job.  L3 has its own dedicate professional installation team to install your smart home automation system.


As an exclusive distributor of FIBARO, we provide you the service and parts warranty that other can’t.


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