HDB Digital Gate Lock

Why HDB flat need a metal gate?

Which digital door lock is best for HDB metal gate?

Singapore HDB flats come with double doors since its inception.  The primary aims of installing double doors in the 60s is to increase security.  However, the crime rate has been drastically reduced as compare to 40 years ago and Singapore is one of the safer place to live in today’s world.  Nevertheless, Singaporean does not kick the habit of wanting a double doors. One of the reason is for the good ventilation.  For the high floor units, we like to keep the wooden door open for the wind to come through.

Conventional digital door lock does not suit the metal gate as visitor’s hand can reach the back of the lock through the grill to unlock it. Yale has specially designed a series of metal gate locks for HDB flats, which its back design is unlike the conventional lock.  These locks do not have a knob at its back to unlock the gate.  The unlock mechanism is thought a reliable RF remote control pad which can be placed at any convenient location for your easy and quick access.

L3 Hoemation is the authorized dealer of Yale and currently we have a promotion package.  If you purchase the wooden digital door lock with Yale digital gate lock, you could have big saving.


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