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Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8 news reporting

Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8 news reporting

Channel 8 news reported the special activity in SITEX 2016 Singapore.  A special zone of smart home (home automation) has been setup by the organizer and L3 Homeation Pte. Ltd to educate the public on smart home and smart nation concept in SITEX 2016.


“新加坡资讯通信工商协会执行董事何思敏表示:“这已不单单是一种促销活动,而是演变成一种体验式的会场。我们配合政府迈向智慧国的目标,通过所能取得的各种管道,创造并提升应用科技的意识,让所有人都跟上科技的脚步”—Quote from the main text of Channel 8 news.

A special zone has been setup to let SITEX visitors try the FIBARO smart home system.  They build a full size mockup smart home with bedroom, kitchen and living room.  Visitors could try using their smart phone to control the automated blinds, remote turning on/off the lighting, activate the emergency button, etc. all by swapping their smart phone screen.

This is the first such large scale demonstration in a public event in Singapore.  L3 Homeation Director, Mr Khoo, mentioned that the demonstration also inspired many students to learn about this trendy living style and many have expressed their strong interest in making a smart home control system as their school projects.

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